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Hyogo Film Commission Network

Hyogo Film Commission Network:Introduction

The Hyogo Film Commission Network is a network of film commissions, cities, and towns throughout the prefecture working together to introduce filming locations, provide information, and offer a variety of other services related to the production of films, television,
and other footage.

Outline of Operations

  • ・ Introduction of film locations, provision of information
  • ・ Guidance of location scouts and attendance during filming (when possible)
  • ・ Provision of information about various applications for licenses, etc.
  • ・ Consulting about other matters related to filming in Hyogo.

Message From Chairperson

Hyogo Prefecture lies in the geographical center of mainland Japan. It covers a wide area that extends from the Sea of Japan in the north to the Seto Inland Sea in the south, and further down to the Pacific Ocean through Awaji Island. Thanks to the diverse climates, landscapes, and culture that exist throughout the prefecture, Hyogo is often called “Japan in Miniature.” Cities overflowing with exotic atmosphere, scenic landscapes blessed with abundant nature, hot springs loved by writers and painters alike, Himeji Castle and other cultural treasures, the islands of the Seto Inland Sea…  Any filming location you could hope for, you will find it here in Hyogo.
This guidebook introduces a few of these locations. I hope that it will give the reader an image of Hyogo’s multi-faceted filming environments.
If you are interested, please send us a message. I sincerely hope that you will have the chance to visit Hyogo. Hyogo’s many regions, Kobe, Hanshin, Harima, Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji, will all be waiting with a new face for every season of the year.

Mako Tanaka
Chairperson, Hyogo Film Commission Network